V6 Factory Replica Hublot Big Bang Evolution Blue Watch with Asia Valjoux 7750 Movement

Hublot, a renowned sports watch brand, has captivated enthusiasts with its distinctive design and enjoyed immense popularity in the past four or five years. While its recent release of new models has been limited, Hublot continues to offer a wide range of timeless classics, with the Classic Fusion even becoming a sought-after piece for watch manufacturers to replicate. My recollection of Hublot is always associated with its cool aesthetics, characterized by a unique porthole shape, fusion of materials, and occasional all-black appearance. However, today, I would like to introduce a Hublot timepiece in a refreshing blue color. This particular replica watch is crafted by the esteemed V6 factory, also known as HBB V6 in the past. If you seek to add a splash of color to your wrist this scorching summer, the Hublot Big Bang replica watch serves as an excellent choice.

This perfect replica watch showcases a robust stainless steel case, boasting a diameter of 44.5mm. With a slightly thicker profile measuring up to 16mm, the case exudes a commanding presence. The striking stainless steel tone of the case creates a captivating contrast against the vibrant blue hue adorning the dial and leather band. Every aspect of the stainless steel case, including the lugs and bezel, is expertly brushed, exuding a refined yet rugged appeal. The bezel is adorned with screws fashioned in the iconic H shape, reminiscent of genuine Hublot timepieces. Notably, the case features stainless steel plates on both the top and bottom, while a vibrant blue rubber material graces the middle, flawlessly embodying Hublot’s fusion design concept.

The dial of this timepiece features a captivating blue hue with a delicate matte texture. Enhancing its visual appeal, the dial incorporates three sunken subdials, creating a multi-level effect. These subdials function seamlessly, mirroring the functionality of the genuine watch. The small seconds subdial is positioned at 9 o’clock, while the subdial displaying 10, 20, and 30 serves as a 30-minute chronograph counter. Additionally, the subdial located at 6 o’clock serves as a 12-hour chronograph display. Upon closer inspection, V6 has made notable improvements to the dial. The hour markers have been widened, closely resembling those of the authentic watch, with enhanced luminescent properties in the center. This ensures a stronger and longer-lasting lume light in low-light conditions. Furthermore, the shape of the date window at 4:30 has been corrected, now appearing as a trapezoid with appropriately-sized white font.

Through the transparent case back, the working mechanism of the replica watch is visible. Referred to as the Asia Valjoux 7750, this chronograph movement originates from China. The movement plate is engraved with the HUBLOT logo and “HUB4100,” while the skeletonized auto rotor features “HUBLOT GENEVE” engravings filled with black coating. V6 has made efforts to make the movement closely resemble the genuine HUB4100, although there may be some differences when carefully examined or compared to the authentic HUB4100.

The blue strap showcases a unique design, featuring blue leather with alligator patterns on the outside, and blue rubber on the inner side. This design proves to be highly practical for a sports watch. Even in wet conditions or when exposed to sweat, the rubber side that comes into contact with your skin remains comfortable to wear.

Hublot is not a brand that caters to everyone’s taste. It is specifically crafted for individuals who have a passion for sports and appreciate avant-garde designs in wristwatches. If you’re considering buying your first Hublot timepiece, it’s advisable to examine a replica before investing in an authentic one. Additionally, it is recommended to choose a replica from the HBB V6 factory, as they are known for producing high-quality Hublot replicas that surpass the offerings of other manufacturers.

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