JJ Factory Replica Hublot Classic Fusion 511.NX.1170.LR Black Titanium Watch with HUB1112 Movement

Replica Hublot has gained significant popularity in recent years, receiving immense praise for its distinctive shape and innovative fusion watch-making technology. The core design philosophy of Hublot revolves around fusion, seamlessly incorporating various materials into the creation of each timepiece. When it comes to football, Hublot is the brand that immediately springs to mind. This Swiss watch company has made remarkable contributions to the sport, including designing limited edition watches for renowned football players like Maradona.In this post, I would like to introduce a replica Hublot Classic Fusion manufactured by JJ, a new factory that is rapidly building its reputation thanks to the production of this particular replica Hublot watch. The replica offers a range of dial color options, including black, white, grey, and blue. The watch I will be reviewing features a black dial. If you are interested in this replica Hublot and would like to explore different dial color options, please feel free to contact me via email. I will gladly share quality control photos with you.

The Classic Fusion series showcases an elegant simplicity, featuring a slimmer case compared to other Hublot collections. The replica Hublot watch we are discussing maintains the same case dimensions as the genuine model, with a 38mm diameter and a slim profile of 9.5mm. The case is expertly crafted from solid Titanium and boasts impeccable finishing. The lugs seamlessly integrate into the one-piece case, exhibiting polished sides and meticulously refined corners. The round bezel showcases exquisite top-level polishing and is securely fastened to the case with six H-shaped screws, ensuring a perfect fit. The crown, with its satin-finished Hublot logo on a polished face, adds a delicate touch to the overall design. The brushed case back proudly displays the engraved word “TITANIUM.”

The dial of the perdect replica watch is presented in a striking black color with white lettering. Its straightforward design allows for a high level of replication, achieving an impressive clone effect. The silver bar-shaped hour markers are skillfully raised from the dial, creating a stunning 3D visual effect. The central seconds hand, slender and elongated, glides effortlessly across the dial, culminating in a Hublot Logo at its tip. I am particularly enamored with the dial design of this black Hublot Classic Fusion watch, as it effortlessly showcases the utmost elegance. The date window is conveniently positioned at 3 o’clock, featuring a white font against a black background, making it effortlessly legible at a quick glance. There is little more to be said about the dial, as its perfection speaks for itself.

The UK perfect replica Hublot Classic Fusion is equipped with an Asian clone HUB1112 automatic movement, which is based on the Asian ETA 2892 movement. The factory has meticulously decorated the base movement to resemble the genuine Hublot HUB1112, making it difficult to discern any differences when examining the movement of the replica.The automatic rotor is exquisitely finished, featuring a skeletonized black “HUBLOT” engraving and vertically polished patterns on the arc-shaped edge, closely resembling the genuine counterpart. The golden balance wheel is equipped with a shock absorber on top, and the regulator allows for adjustment of accuracy. The movement plate is adorned with silver screws, enhancing stability during operation.It is worth noting that the Asian clone HUB1112 movement not only closely resembles the appearance of the genuine HUB1112, but also demonstrates accurate and stable performance. The Asian ETA 2892 movement, upon which the clone is based, is a well-regarded movement known for its reliability and precision. It is widely used in the watch industry and has been modified and adapted by various manufacturers.The ETA 2892 movement is considered an upper-range automatic movement commonly found in “upscale” Swiss-made replica watches.The clone movement in the replica Hublot Classic Fusion successfully replicates the appearance and functionality of the genuine movement, ensuring a reliable and stable timekeeping experience.

The black strap combines two different materials, with genuine leather on the outer side and black rubber on the inner side that comes in contact with your skin. The reason behind Hublot’s decision to adopt this design remains unknown, but it undoubtedly offers exceptional comfort, especially during swimming activities.

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