Replica Hublot Big Bang Red Magic 7750 Leather Strap

  • Another replica watch is being released in the market. The manufacturer has obtained a genuine watch and thoroughly analyzed it to create an exact replica. This 1:1 replica is made with interchangeable parts that can be used with the original watch. I personally admire Hublot watches for their unique and sporty appearance. The Red Magic collection not only retains the traditional design elements of Hublot but also showcases its own distinctive features. The combination of black and red is a timeless and fashionable choice. The dial is the most captivating feature of this watch, with a red background, red hour markers, and hands. It provides a superlume effect, emitting a green light in dark places. Positioned at 4:30, there is a square date window with a white date font against a black background, ensuring high readability. All the numerals on the main dial and subdials are in white, making it effortless to read the time from the dial.
  • The case of the Replica Hublot Big Bang is made entirely of ceramic, just like the genuine watch. It has the same construction as the original, with a matte black finish that feels great to the touch. The polished h-shaped screws add a nice touch to the design. Now, let’s take a look at the case back. It features a transparent crystal, allowing you to see the movement inside. The outer metal ring is engraved with red letters and a reference number. From the case back, you can clearly see that the movement is labeled as HUB4100. However, it’s important to note that this is actually an Asian Valjoux 7750 movement, which has been modified to resemble the HUB4100. Despite this, the movement still boasts excellent quality. It’s a fully functional Chronograph that beats at a frequency of 28,800 times per hour. The bridge and movement rotor are plated with platinum, and the detailed engravings are remarkably close to those found on genuine watches. The case and bezel feature top-notch brushing craftsmanship, with a straight grain ceramic bezel. The case itself has smooth edges and corners, giving it a high-quality feel.
  • Each year, the technology used in producing replica watches continues to advance, and only those who have purchased them can truly appreciate their exceptional quality.

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