New Hublot Classic Fusion from APS factory

The new second generation of the Hublot Classic Fusion showcases significant differences compared to its predecessors. The latest Classic Fusion model features a more angular design, reminiscent of a beautifully crafted sculpture.

APS factory produces the Hublot Classic Fusion, which is their uk perfect replica watch of this model. Before APS, there were three other factories that made replica Hublot Classic Fusion watches: JJ, TW, and WF. These replicas used to be very popular, but recently, their sales have declined, and fewer people are buying them. It is unclear why this shift in demand has occurred. Additionally, V6 factory has resumed operations, but even their replica Hublot Big Bang watches are not selling well.

The diameter of the Hublot Classic Fusion case is 40mm, which sets it apart from the regular Classic Fusion models. Unlike the traditional design of the Classic Fusion, this variation features an angular case composed of multiple metal pieces in a polygonal shape. The bezel is dodecagonal and adorned with silver-tone H-shaped screws. Personally, I find that this watch deviates from the classic design elements found in previous Classic Fusion models, and it does not appeal to my taste.

The black dial of the watch also takes inspiration from the case design. The hour markers have a resemblance to Kobe’s logo, although they are not an exact replica. Each hour marker features a three-dimensional design, which mirrors the overall design of the case. However, the dial does not appear as large as it should be. Personally, I still prefer the original dial design of the previous Classic Fusion model.

The APS factory utilizes an Asian clone 2892 automatic movement in their watches. Upon inspection of the crystal back, it is evident that APS has made modifications to the movement’s auto rotor and plates to resemble the HB1100. The watch features a black rubber band with a rose gold buckle, crafted from the highest quality rubber material that is both odorless and dust-proof. The unique design of the case and dial gives the watch a luxurious appearance, reminiscent of a sparkling diamond on your wrist. Additionally, a stainless steel model with a black dial is also available.

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