JJ Factory Replica Hublot Classic Fusion 511.NX.7070.LR Titanium Watch with Clone HUB1112 Movement

Undoubtedly, Hublot has emerged as one of the most successful sports watch brands in recent years, thanks to their distinctive watch designs and innovative marketing strategies. These factors have contributed to Hublot capturing a significant share of the watch market. As a result, Hublot has also become one of the most widely replicated watch brands, trailing closely behind Rolex and Panerai. The use of fusion materials in their watches has led to genuine Hublot timepieces commanding high prices, prompting many watch enthusiasts to seek out replicas. Fortunately, the market offers a wide selection of high-quality Hublot replica watches, produced by reputable factories such as JJ and V6. These replicas boast exceptional watch materials and utilize advanced watchmaking techniques, making it increasingly challenging to distinguish them from their genuine counterparts. In the following discussion, I would like to introduce a replica watch that perfectly exemplifies these qualities: the Hublot Classic Fusion with a titanium case. Let’s delve into the specifications of this remarkable timepiece.

Movement: Clone HUB1112 Movement, Based on Swiss ETA 2892, 41-Hour Power Reserve
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Date
Case: 42mm*9.85mm, Titanium
Crystal: Sapphire with AR Coating
Dial: Grey
Bracelet: Black Calf Leather with Rubber Lining, Alligator Pattern
Water Resistant: 50m

The watch’s case is meticulously crafted from solid titanium, resulting in a remarkably lightweight timepiece that offers unparalleled comfort when worn. Hublot’s signature case design features an eye-catching shape, accentuated by the iconic H-shaped screws that secure the case and bezel. Including the crown, the case measures a diameter of 42mm, while the replica boasts a thickness of 9.85mm, with the genuine model measuring 9.8mm. Despite this minimal difference, it can be easily overlooked. The case’s meticulous polishing technique, incorporating both brushed and polished finishes, creates a visually stunning layered effect. Turning the watch over, the engravings on the case back exhibit a remarkable level of replication, leaving you astonished that it is indeed a replica. Additionally, the metal component that connects the case and band proudly displays the engraved word “Titanium,” mirroring the feature found on the genuine timepiece.

As depicted in the accompanying images, it is evident that the crown on the replica watch showcases identical grooves and chamfering when compared to the genuine model. The crown holds significant importance, and it is noteworthy that after undergoing testing conducted by JJ factory, it has been determined that the crown, tube, and other associated components of this replica Hublot are fully interchangeable with those of the genuine watch. This level of precision and compatibility further attests to the remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail exhibited in the creation of this replica timepiece.

The dial of this Hublot replica watch features an elegant shade of grey, exuding a sense of simplicity and sophistication. The dial’s design is minimalist, allowing for easy readability and a clean aesthetic. The slender and elongated second hand gracefully sweeps across the large dial, showcasing smooth and precise movement. The hour markers, as well as the hour and minute hands, are meticulously molded, resulting in a striking resemblance to their genuine counterparts. This attention to detail further enhances the overall authenticity and visual appeal of the replica watch.

The genuine Hublot Classic Fusion utilizes the HUB1112 movement, which is essentially a Swiss ETA 2892 movement. In the case of this replica timepiece, it is equipped with a clone HUB1112 movement, developed based on the Swiss ETA 2892. The clone movement impressively replicates key features such as the Geneva Stripes, HUBLOT LOGO, and Movement Stamp (HUB11, SWISS, TWENTY-FIVE 25 JEWELS), achieving a remarkable similarity of 99% when compared to the genuine HUB1112 movement. Even a seasoned Hublot professional would find it challenging to discern any differences. An essential aspect worth noting is that this replica watch offers a power reserve of approximately 42 hours when fully wound, ensuring reliable timekeeping for an extended period.

If you are in search of a replica Hublot watch that embodies a sleek and minimalist design, this replica timepiece undoubtedly stands out as an excellent option. With its understated aesthetic and streamlined functionalities, it offers a compelling choice for those seeking a timepiece that exudes simplicity and elegance.

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