A Hublot Big Bang diamond watch I like

Up to this point, I’ve authored numerous watch reviews that have encompassed nearly every Swiss brand. Among them, Panerai was my top choice in the past. However, after evaluating these timepieces, it appears that I’ve grown weary of their round case. Recently, I’ve developed a heightened interest in Hublot, particularly due to the allure of its porthole-shaped case with a rubber band. Despite the substantial 44mm case of the Hublot Big Bang, it surprisingly fits my slender wrist perfectly.

The V6 factory has produced a replica of the full black Big Bang from Hublot, an older model that I have not previously featured. Despite this, I find it still appealing, and I believe there may be individuals interested in such a full black Hublot watch for its cool aesthetic. This particular Big Bang represents the epitome of classic design and embodies Hublot’s fusion watch-making concept, as it incorporates at least three different materials in its construction.

The 44mm case of the watch is made of two materials. The four lugs are constructed from polished black ceramic, while the middle section of the case is brushed stainless steel. The bezel, on the other hand, is entirely made of titanium and features stainless steel screws with a polished finish. Upon closer inspection, one can also find engravings of “Ceramic,” “Titanium,” and the Hublot logo on the connector that links the case and the band.The watch dial is well-crafted and exhibits excellent depth that is typically only seen on high-quality replica watches. The black dial complements the ceramic case and rubber strap perfectly, while the three-dimensional hour markers in stainless steel tone match precisely with the titanium color of the bezel. Each small dial is not only finished delicately but is also fully functional, much like the original Hublot Big Bang. The date window is located at 4:30, and it features the correct construction and font thickness. Additionally, the white font color increases the overall visibility of the black dial.

Finally, the replica Hublot watch is equipped with an Asia Valjoux 7750 movement. This movement is commonly used in the replica watch industry and originates from China. Despite its widespread use, the movement offers considerable stability. The V6 factory has also ensured that the movement plates and auto rotor feature accurate decoration. They refer to this decorated movement as the clone HUB4100. It’s important to note that this type of clone movement differs significantly from the P.9000 developed by the VS factory for Panerai watches. The clone HUB4100 simply incorporates the correct decoration found on the genuine HUB4100 movement. In contrast, the clone P.9000 movement is an independent development by the VS factory based on the Panerai P.9000 Calibre. Due to technical limitations, it is not feasible for a watch manufacturer to create a super clone HUB4100 movement. Therefore, so the factory can only achieve this level by adding some decorated plates.

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